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I never had the need (really) for lanolin but I'll probably get a little tube just in case. My Brestfriend pillow wonderful and kicks Boppy's @$$ for nursing. I LOVE the Lasinoh disposable nursing pads, they have been the ONLY nursing pads to work for me. I leak like crazy and have to wear them for what feels like forever; I was able to stop when my milk started drying up a few months ago due to pregnancy. (Love Amazon for buying the big packs). I also did like having a pump for when I was engorged and baby didn't want to nurse and plan to get one (thanks to insurance -- I EBF and am a SAHM/WAHM) this time even though I'm hoping to tandem and have DD#2 help out with the engorgement part. I couldn't live without my nursing tanks and I plan to get some new/different ones this time around since I really don't care for the boob cut out ones but the ones I want are $$. I wait until after my supply is established before getting new nursing bras since you never know.

To sum it up, my list is:
- Lasinoh Nursing Pads
- My Brest Friend Pillow
- Nursing Tank Tops
- Lanolin (good to have on hand)
- Nursing Bras (after supply is established)
- Pump (good for engorgement -- I preferred my manual for this reason)

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