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Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange
Sounds like about 10 hrs?

Really just depends on if she's cranky or in a good mood. That tells me if my kid is getting enough rest. Some kids need more than others, others need less.

At that age, though, naps for DD were in the swing or with mom laying with her. We still swaddled, which helped a lot.

Tell your DH that housework will wait and babies grow up
Most of the time she's just wide awake and really hyper. Then maybe 2 or three times a day she gets grumpy. Sometimes she'll sleep in her swing, but lately she just wants to be held. She just got her first tooth this morning and there's another one not far behind so she's been even grumpier. I worry about giving too much medicine so only give her Tylenol if she's really pitching a fit and nothing else works.

It's just ironic that when I'm out of the house for a doctors appointment or grocery sleeping she sleeps, but when were home alone in our quiet house she's wide awake. Although I am lucky that she sleeps so well at night. My son didn't sleep for 6 hours until he was six months old and shes been doing it since about 10 weeks. He is also very hyper and I remember taking him for a car ride just to calm him down. Maybe I should try music. Her mobile hypes her up, but I have some baby classical music CDs I could try. My mom used to have a relaxation cd that had water noises that I liked too.

I think if she did decide to take a nap in the middle of the day though I would most likely jump in bed and take a nap too lol.
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