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I made it well know from the start, before Dd#2 was born that my goal was 2 years. Hubby thought I was nuts (not the norm for him, or even my family) but didn't give me flak; he noticed how easy it was to get her to go to bed, calm down, etc. I've also made it well known that I plan to tandem (to him and family) since DD "weaned" a week after turning 2 since my milk dried up and it hurt too much to comfort nurse. She did ask the other week and I let her but since nothing was there it was a short 5-10 second bout. My mom makes stupid remarks about tandem when I'm around and were around family who ask if I was still nursing Dd#2, before she turned 2, but she also quit super early with my brother and I so I don't expect her to understand.

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