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Re: Let's talk childhood obesity....

Originally Posted by soonerfan View Post
Nothing you said takes the blame away from parents. And nothing the government publishes encourages junk food, eating out nightly at a fast food place or sitting all the time.
If it were simple as blaming parents then the problem will be very easy to fix. We all know how every person's body differs. If it were as simple as having some sort or program and lay it out in front of them that works every single time we probably wouldn't have such problem in this country. But we still do because there are far too many variables that affect how people eat and pass that to their children. Chicken nuggets and pizza served in public school lunches including soft drink vending machines is unheard of in other countries. Why aren't there laws to protect children from eating such junk?

Besides the way I see these childhood obesity is that people need help. I don't look at these parents and judge their actions. I honestly feel bad for them and their affected children. I certainly don't expect every parents to know basic nutrition as much as it's supposedly taught in schools.

Just as an example how many people actually understand something as basic as consumption of carbohydrates and insulin level or glucagon's relationship with protein? It's not cut throat like eat x-grams of vegetables. protein, fat and carbs to stay healthy. It never was and never will be without significant change not only by the parents but serious overhaul in the system of educating people. But of course that will become very political so we probably shouldn't get into that.
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