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Re: Chores

My kids are 5, 4, and 2. They are happy to help with chores I give them such as unloading the silverware, spot cleaning the floors with a rag, dusting and such. The main issue I have is the general picking up after themselves. They often leave their shoes out, dishes end up on the floor instead of in the sink. Clothing gets scattered about as they decide to strip down randomly- lol. Wrappers from a fruit strip or raisen boxes on the on..... I have started a reward system for this. I bought some Pom Pom balls from Walmart or a craft store. Every time I notice someone remembering to put their dishes/toy/trash away without a reminder they will get a ball added to the main reward jar. I just have one jar so they can work as a team. When it gets full they get a treat. I also use it for when I notice great manners or they do something extra kind. Once we got ice cream and another time we went to the local bouncy play house. They love it and it has definitely helped. Once it becomes a habit for them I will phase out rewarding actions that I really expect. I don't want then to think they should get a reward every time they pick up after themselves, but for now it is just what we needed!
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