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Mouthy preschooler

Literally, mouthy. Not as in an atittude Dd has been putting things in her mouth for basically as long as she's had hand eye coordination. She'd chew on cardboard books as soon as she figured out how and we eventually had to put all of them up. I mentioned it to her doctor a few times and he gave me "it's normal until x years old" speech. It got a little bit better so I wasn't concerned. Well, she's 5 now and it's definitely gotten worse over the past few months. Eating and sucking on her hair, chewing on the neckline of her clothes, sucking on her stuffed animals, etc. I know we're really past the point of this being a "normal" stage for her age. But....what do I do? I try to discourage some behavior, like eating her hair or sucking on stuffed animals (probably not the most clean thing to have in her mouth.) No huge life changes coincide with this getting worse. Should I bring her to the doctor? Anyone else have a mouthy kid?
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