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Re: Is there a way to prevent pooping while pushing? :(

I'm sorry that happened to you. Same thing happened to me, with me saying I wanted to poop, but they wouldn't let me. Told me to lay flat on my back and go in this huge cold metal bed pan. Of course, I couldn't go flat on my back, who could? I was only on demerol (first kid) and they could have helped me to a commode, but the nurses were NOT sympathetic, and very cruel. I pooped a bit on the dr while pushing, and I thought to myself "how embarrassing, but serves them right!"

Same thing happened with my 3rd baby but I went natural. The nurses wouldn't let me up because they said I may push the baby out into the toilet! UGH! Pooped on the dr again.

So with my 4th, I had a midwife. She let me labor MY way. I pooped while in labor at the hospital, and my baby didn't fall into the toilet. I was able to push easier knowing I wasn't going to poop on her.

I'm pregnant with my 5th now, and I'm going with that midwife again. She and I know eachother well, and she understands I know how to care for my body. (I'm an LPN now going to school for my RN) and she is so great with me. I found a real difference.

I tell you, it's horrible that your parents laughed at you. How cruel. I wouldn't let them in for the next one. But that's just me....I hold grudges sometimes.

You can give yourself an enema like PP said. I know some people try castrol oil.....but I don't have experience in that! If you are able, try to labor as long as you can at home. You'll be more relaxed and perhaps poop well before baby is born, and if not, take a quick enema

Good luck!
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