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Re: When do you start refusing food?

We have three set meals and two snacks (one morning one afternoon). If you didn't finish your breakfast and you're hounding me an hour later for a snack...well tough wait until snack time. However if they finished their breakfast and snacks and are still hungry then they can certainly eat. I will offer water first since sometimes they are actually thirsty and can't really tell the difference. Also if it's something like crackers then they might just eat them out of boredom but if I say you can have either a banana or cheese and they still want to eat it then I assume they are actually hungry. I figure they can eat all the fruit and veggies they want. Food is fuel so if they need it then they need it. I just try to make sure the only options are healthy ones. So if my 6 year old wants 2 apples I can't see any reason to deny it.
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