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From what you described in your last post, you might not have thrush and might just have sore nipples and pain from a poor latch. Have you tried to see a LC or an LLL leader? Reason I ask us bc when DS was a newbie I swore we had thrush based on how my nipples looked and the pain I felt and DS had a rash on his bum but no spots in mouth. When I went to the Ped she said his rash was a normal diaper rash and not yeast. Also said that while my nipples looked like hamburger she suspected no thrush because of me not having any signs of a yeast infection either on my nipples or a vaginal infection which usually presents itself. She described his fussy feeding behavior as normal. As a first time mom, this was very reassuring to me. Eventually DS latch improved and things got better and less painful as his latch improved. I know you said your not a first time mom, but you did state he has no signs and your pain is different than with your previous LO which makes me wonder about his latch. Also, if you pump and give your expressed milk to you baby it won't do much good because if you do have thrush it will get on your pump parts and into your milk.
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