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Re: Play date etiquette ??

Originally Posted by erin_c_odonnell View Post
Wow- I'm thinking now how can I back out of this . I just ... I'm not ready to drop off my 6 yr old at a strangers house. We only know them from dance and I've never even talked to the mom or kid before. I don't even let my 9 yr old go to people we know alone much my 6 yr old. There's like 3 families total in our lives I trust alone with my kids. Call it bad experiences growing up, paranoia, whatever but hmmm no. Sigh. How do I politely tell this mom all that without looking like a crazy?
BFF was easy- we both had 5 kids and we just played together lol. Hate that she moved and I know I need to let my kids make new friends but its REALLY hard with the communication barrier.
I am with you 100%. My DS is 6 and I wouldn't drop him either - until I really know the parents REALLY well, and the home, etc. No way. Is there a way you can have someone watch your other 4 while you attend the playdate with your DD? I say this having never had a babysitter myself LOL (same paranoia/trust issues). I would schedule the play date for a day when, say, your DH is able to stay home with the others. You don't have to explain yourself to the other mom - your DD is 6, and you hardly know this woman. Communication issues/concerns can be your excuse if you meet resistance or feel the need to have a *reason* to stay with her, but you don't. You are her mom, she is a child. How would she feel being left in a virtual strangers home?
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