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Re: hands on curriculum for K/1st

Delia is 3 days younger than Emma. Delia doesn't like writing much but she will write on a white board. Practicing letters in sand trays, shaving cream, finger paints, etc. are fun ways to practice writing. I'm not too worried about her writing right now since she's not even in kindergarten yet. She does A LOT of drawing, so that will help her with being able to write her letters and holding her pencil correctly.

For reading, we use The Reading Lesson, and we do a page or two a day. Delia thinks it's more fun when she does her lessons on a dry erase board, so sometimes I copy the stuff from the book onto the board. It's not hands-on, but it is a really quick lesson. I take words from the lesson and write them on little cards to play "memory", and she thinks that is a lot of fun. I agree with and Bob books.
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