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Re: When did your LO start counting (like quantities)

I think it is pretty early. Both my girls have been early like this, counting numbers to 10 at about 18 months and then before 2 they definitely could count objects to 3 or 4, i don't really know when they could count objects to 10, but it was definitely by 2.5. Especially my oldest daughter though, but she has always had more of a fascination with letters. She is definitely gifted, she is way ahead of her peers in school and her preschool teacher assures me she does not have any of the signs of autism though, which is reassuring! I do remember her doing things which I thought were a little odd, like she would organise all the blocks into colours together, or line up all the my little ponies organised by the rainbow order. I think really, if in other ways she is normal and she can interact with society normally then even if she is high-functioning/ borderline autistic, what does it really matter? It takes all sorts of folks IMO. I think fascination with numbers is an early sign with autism, but not necessarily always the case. I'd say more likely if there are no other concerns your child is just likely very bright!
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