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Re: When did your LO start counting (like quantities)

What a little smarty-pants! I would say yes, it's quite early for her to grasp the concept of numerical/quantity correlation, and that, paired with the rigidity both about numbers and in her play are potential flags for autism.


If the behavior isn't a problem, if her social, language, etc skills are all fine, then I wouldn't sweat it. For it to be autism, or any "disorder" really, not only do there have to be a little checklist of symptoms, but they must cause a "qualitative impairment" - meaning they have to have a significant negative impact on functioning, relationships, learning, etc. if its not holding her back, it's not a problem, just embrace the "neurodiversity"

Coming from someone with ADHD, sensory issues, and a lot of autistic traits (stronger as a child). I'm not autistic, just wired a little differently, as is my dd (who is very bright, way ahead verbally, has sensory issues, and likely ADHD like her momma). I'm also not all "rahrah! Autism is great!" like some - my adopted ds has classic autism and it sucks in his case - severely disabling and frustrating for him. There's a huge difference between ds and "quirky" - with him there's definitely "qualitative impairment", and so diagnosis and supports/treatment are necessary.
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