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Re: Play date etiquette ??

I completely agree with you, I wouldnt just drop my 6 year old off either with someone who i dont know at all.. Im leary of strangers. If you are worried about how to back out or polietly tell her you want to do it at your house first, how about you propose it as "Seeing as this is DD's first ever play date and she is only 6 AND is deaf, it would really be easier on us if you and your DD could join us at our house the first time around so DD and I can get to know you and your DD better, plus it would help me feel more comfortable that she can communicate with you a bit if Im not around next time, plus it's hard for me to get a sitter for my other little ones, but we would love to have you over for palying and snacks!"... or something along those lines.

Im sure she will understand since her DD is the same age and since she doesnt know you either, can understand why you dont want to leave her with a stranger, plus if she has a communication barrier with them. Just level with her and Im sure she will be fine.

And if they come over and you dont like her, then you know, and it was on your turf, and if she is wonderful, good to know... but at 6, I wouldnt leave my kid unless this woman became your best friend lol.

You could also do future play date at places like the park and stuff where your other LO's can go too.
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