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So funny you say this. Somewhere on here, 2 years ago now I started a thread saying 'when do kids stop putting things in their mouth,' and one person pretty much said "they stop?"

My 4 year old just started taking this up again. For almost a year she didn't really mouth things and now it's new stuff. Sleeves, especially. I told her she's got to stop that because I'm going to need to sell her clothing.
She goes after her hair and pencils big time. I don't know what it is. Maybe I should be glad she isn't eating food instead? Maybe it's a way to push through nervousness or uncertainty?

One thing I can say about Gigi though, other than being advanced in language, reading and writing, she is a completely normally developing kid. My guess is that a certain percentage of kids just take to this behavior. I discourage it because it's destructive but I'm not hugely concerned.

Eta. I should add here that I'm not a very good worrier. So I think if you are genuinely worried maybe more research and a doc visit is warranted?
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