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Re: Single pregnancies vs multiple pregnancies

The two main differences are that I developed symphysis pubic dysfuntion (SPD), which is where the ligaments surrounding the pelvis are too relaxed and don't hold the pelvis stably. Lots of pain! Sometime in my third trimester I also developed PUPPP rash, a horribly itchy pregnancy rash that lasted until after the twins were born and required antibiotics and steroids to finally get rid of. It got so bad I was afraid I would scar (thankfully I didn't).

I had less nausea that my previous two singeltons.

I don't remember being overly hungry during the pregnancy, but toward the end (I carried to 38 weeks) it was all I could do to eat anything. I felt like there was no room for food and had little appetite. It was constant work to keep up with replacing what they were taking.

While I was nursing was when I constantly hungry. I remember going out to breakfast with my mom, ordering two breakfasts, finishing them both, and still not being full.
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