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Hey mamas,
I am in need of some real, honest, no BS advice and help from all of you moms who live the life of a SN parent I am at the very end of the process of becoming a licensed foster parent and am having to make the decision on what types of kiddos I am willing to take. My hope is that my primary focus will be on little ones (likely under 18 mo) with medical and special needs. I now needing to decide what I am really capable of/able to/willing to handle.

My personal background and experience is with my own daughter and also other children I have worked with. My dd has some mild SN. I have dealt with EI, hospital stays, MRIs, SPD, allergies, behavioral issues, nebulizers, surgeries, frequent drs appointments, specialists, feeding issues etc etc.

My question is, for moms who have dealt with SN and medical needs what would you feel comfortable taking on if you had had a choice? what do you think is reasonable to think i could handle as a single mom with a very flexible p/t work schedule. Keeping in mind that i can bring the baby/child with me and am able to be very very flexible. My original thought had been babies born addicted, feeding tubes, oxygen, apnea monitors, ASD, babies who are hard of hearing/deaf ( I know basic ASL), FTT, CP, etc.

I guess I'm just looking for real honest advice so I don't get in over my head!!! I have to compile a list for my social worker!

Thank you so much in advance! I hope this makes sense, I apologize for any typos. I'm on my phone! Ill come back and edit later.
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