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Re: Another newborn question...

Originally Posted by 3 ladybugs View Post
It is a VERY old hospital (actually the oldest continually running hospital in the country) and the facilities are not perfect. The parking garage isn't even owned by the hospital and is across the street. It is in an old part of town (big shock there) so the loading zone and the valet parking is right in front of one another (if that makes sense).

I do plan on asking about this when I get to the hospital but I hated feeling that rushed when I am trying to secure my child. I drive 1 hour to deliver at this hospital so it isn't like I am going a few blocks (not that is right either!).

So basically what I am hearing is if on the off chance they call the police, which isn't going to be far because we have national treasures a few blocks away, then I could tell them that I was making sure my child was secure and I would be in the right?
It's illegal to drive away with an unsecured child. So yes, you'd be in the right. A child must be secured properly in an appropriate child seat for their age. Everyone else will just have to put on their patient faces while you make sure your most precious cargo is well secured.
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