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Re: Chores

Heather, thank you - it's not too much at all and I appreciate your help. Toys2teach, thank you.

Originally Posted by maddys_mama View Post
You never know, they might like it! I usually put Pandora on and dance around with them while we clean. And if they take initiative and ask to do a new chore, I let them at least attempt to do it, even though I could probably do it 100x faster.
Playing music is a good idea. My baby girl loves to dance.

Originally Posted by carriek38 View Post
DD is almost 3 & she's been picking up toys & putting them in the toybox, on the shelf, etc., for about 18 mos. She's been clearing her own plate & putting it on the counter or in the dishwasher for nearly that long as well. Those are part of being "a good citizen of the republic" & don't get allowance or anything. She helps a bit w/ laundry & tries with vacuuming, sweeping, & mopping (but isn't very effective yet ). She does help with putting garbage & recyclables out every week...we give her $2 in dimes for helping...more because it takes her a looooong time to put the coins in her piggy bank than because we want to pay her she does take the responsibility very seriously, though
They do have a piggy bank... Maybe I could set up some kind of reward system.
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