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Ok mamas here we go! My 2 bfp tests! UPDATE! got my official call!

SO after waiting all day Friday for my beta call to find out if I was pregnant or not I got a call saying that I would have to wait until Monday because the machines arent working due to power outage here in Houston (Tropical Storm Erin). So the tells says to me why dont you just take an HPT. I have avoided those since last month I got what I thought were bfp that of course weren't

Well we decided to bite the bullet and give it another try. Within one minute both lines showed on the FRER. The digital showed pregnant in one minute exactly. It threw me off because I thought it take longer for results to show up. We are pretty confident this time because the line on the FRER is so dark and showed so quick. I think this is it! I think I am actually pregnant!
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