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Re: January - Come share your goals and progress!

Ok I'm back - been having alot of family issuses going on but I think everything has finally settled for now. I was extremely motivated this weekend and for once SO decided not to sleep all weekend (works 3rds) and pitch in.

got the christmas tree out to the shed (we had some flooding last week and the yard was finally not a pond and I was able to make it out to the shed)
Cleaned the kitchen but still need to mop
Got 3 crockpot meals prepared and in the freezer for the week
Got the living room picked up
Shopping for week
Crockpit started for dinner today
Shopped for DS's Vday school party
Dropped of recycling
Scrub the toilet and bathtub

To Do:
Mop kitchen
Vacuum living room
Put clean clothes away
Laundry - Whites - in washer
Laundry - Colors
Cub Sout meeting to plane for pinewood derby and Blue & Gold Dinner
Go to moms and get fabric and poly beads for DS's weighted blanket
Start working on blanket
Make vet appts for dogs
Takes bags of clothes to donation center

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