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I collected these pcs over the last few months thinking my dd needed breath ability but turns out she hates wool and actually prefers pul :/ so these have go to a loving home. Everything was bought here and minimally used by me.

Everything is $10 or less as I just want to clear up pp. not really looking for trades unless you have apple cheeks or diapers safari bamboo inserts or try me on gift cards. I'm above my attachment quota as I'm also selling nb dipes for a friend, so pm me and I'll email pics to you. Sorry for the inconvenience :/ ETA added pics

Medium capris $10 SOLD
Dark and light pink striped, knit.
Rise 16
Waist 19
Inseam 4

Small/medium shorties $10
Chocolate and cream colorway, knit and soft!
Inseam 1.5/3 without/with gusset

Attachment 131523

Medium large bloomers $10 SOLD
Pastel pinks, knit
Leg opening

Small skirtie $10 SOLD
Dark pinks, knit and very soft
Rise 14
Skirtie length
Leg opening

Small wool wraps $10 for both
Righteous recycles brand, upcycled, red inner and ash blue/gray outer, very soft and stretchy, snap closures, trim but double layer wool holds in wetness very well. One has a small hole in a side spot and the second or third time I used it one of the snaps pulled thru one layer of fabric. Still functions fine, just be a little gentle. These could probably be used as a pull up/down cover too.
Rise 14 (fit over medium imagine pf)

Attachment 131524

Nikky wool wrap $4
This is supposed to be a large but felting+shot elastic makes it fit like a small. Would work great for a smaller babe.
Rise 14

Attachment 131525

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