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Does anyone have experience with baby's head measuring small?

Today was my "big" ultrasound, I am 19 weeks today. Everything looked perfect except that baby's head was measuring a little bit small. They didn't seem overly concerned, and mentioned me having small babies in the past (my last 2 were in the 6lb range, but were also at least 3 weeks early, so decent size for the gestational age) but they are sending me to a maternal fetal medicine specialist on Thursday for a repeat ultrasound. I've never had them send me someone else to recheck measurements before.

Has anyone else been through this?

Also when they were scheduling the appointment (receptionist) they mentioned on the phone that my due date was 6-8, when it's really 6-18. I asked her about it when she was done and said that is what they had listed. So I am wondering if it it's a mix up in dates?

When I was watching the screen one of the head measurements I saw had an EDD of 6-22 which isn't far off from my real due date at all, but maybe too far off if they somehow think I am due the 8th.
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