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Re: Does anyone have experience with baby's head measuring small?

My baby has a little head, not microcephalic but just measures on the small side. I wasn't sent to a specialist, but at his anatomy scan everything was measuring in the 40th percentile except his head circumference. It was around the 12th percentile. This freaked me out a bit, but I declined additional tests because all his organs were functioning properly and it sounded like if he had special needs it wouldn't require emergency care. They said his due date might be a little off because his weight was measuring "low," and they were right: labor started naturally 10 days after my due date. I'm so glad I didn't have an induction earlier, because he needed to cook. Even 10 days overdue my son was under 7 pounds.

At his 1 year appointment his height was in the 46th percentile, his head circumference was around the 5th percentile, and his weight was, err, are there negative percentiles? Let's just say his weight is "below the 1%."

All these numbers still kind of scare me, but my pediatrician always says look at the baby, not the chart. Even with that small head my kiddo is plenty clever. He took his first steps at 7 months, and was walking independently at 8 months. At every doctor's visit she has assessed him 3-4 months ahead on most milestones. Yup I'm bragging! In part to remind myself not to be upset when I see 5 month olds who weigh 4 pounds more than my 1 year old, and who have heads that are as big as his whole body. Your baby will just be the size your baby should be.
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