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Re: In need of real honest advice from other SN moms!

In your shoes my concern would be children who requires frequent hospitalization. With you being single and a young child I image that would be very hard to handle on a frequent basis. There are plenty of kids though with medical needs that aren't in and out of the hospital a lot.

My other concern would be children with severe behavioral problems. Yes, every child needs to be loved and needs a safe home but IMO the welfare of your child should be number 1 and I wouldn't want her witnessing anything traumatizing or experience anything traumatizing. Of course there are plenty of children with behavior problems that are not severe enough to cause this type of problem.


I also would not take on a significantly complex medical child unless I knew they had private duty nursing and would be able to keep the PDN while in your care. You don't want to get into a situation where your own child is short changed because you are playing nurse on a constant basis to a foster child.

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