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Re: Absence seizures??

I have peti mal or absence seizures. They started suddenly when my youngest was 2 years old. We still don't know what caused them, possibly trauma from delivery, possibly genetics (apparently I have a few distant relatives with epilepsy). I can still vividly remember the very first time it happened. I was standing in my SIL's kitchen watching Tharen eat a cupcake and then it was like the room disappeared. I do not know what these events are like for everyone but for me it is like some one took a box of pictures and dumped them in front of me. I can see each image for a split second, long enough to think "I recognize that from somewhere" but no long enough to remember it later. Each episode lasts between 20seconds and a minute and I may or may not make noises (sometimes I freeze on a word and continue making the sound of syllable I was on) or wind up disoriented when I "come back". The first several seizures were distressing because I had no idea what was happening to me and I thought I was losing my mind. After I knew what they were I was less disturbed by them. I do get seizure auras, feelings like my brain is on fire or feelings of deja vu. It took almost 2 years for me to find adequate treatment. The first neurologist I saw was not particularly helpful and wanted me to spend a week or more in a hospital setting on monitors to try to trace the seizures. I have two kids that need some one to watch them and I just couldn't do it. She also didn't want to explain why I would want to take medication that is considered rather toxic for seizures that were not in my mind effecting my life. My second neurologist did two EEG's and was happy with the results from those. He was also able to explain why I would want to get treatment. I have been seizure free for over 2 years.
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