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Originally Posted by BradleyMomma
Her thoughts were: We both loved Oakmeadow for the first few years. For very young children I think it is a great way to approach learning, it is a Waldorf style curriculum. If this is a teaching philosophy that resonates with her then it may be a good fit. There is lots of hands on, and also lots of storytelling, singing and movement. The seat work is to be used as is appropriate to the child, so if you have one less inclined to sitting its ok. The only con for us was that some of the storytelling would get a bit tedious for her, she wanted to quickly get to the work at hand (she loved to draw, write and read), and be done listening to the fairytale type stories that were frequently used as the object of the lesson.They have examples on their site that you can download for each grade.

Also, just to reiterate, she was not behind academically at all. She has actually been ahead in some areas, but I thnk they supplemented more with the older grades, 4,5,6.
Thanks for asking her! I plan on supplementing as well probably. We have to standardize test in Arkansas 3-9 grades so I may just go with this until the first test and see how she does. After that I will know where I need to supplement and she won't be too far behind to catch up
If at all. I think I heard the ups truck a minute ago. I would be super surprised if its here already but maybe it is
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