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Re: Why does this have to be so hard?

My MIL said "thats too bad" when dh told her we were expecting dd#1 (we had been married for 4-5mos at the time). She didnt say anything with dd#2, with dd#3 we had several late back to back m/cs before & when we told her at 9wks, she said "you know, MOST people wait to say anything just incase" so I told her, we want to enjoy this baby as long as we have it. We waited until I was 17wks pg this time to say anything.... her comment "I thought dh was getting a vasectomy after dd#3?) And at a later date, "you know, you have ALL these big career plans that you'll never get to do since you have so many kids." GEE thanks, didnt know I couldnt finish my Masters degree after having kids! Especially considering I finished my Bachelors after having 2 of them just fine, thankyouverymuch! I guess in her mind, you either have kids or a career, & careers just arent possible if you have more than the 1 kid she had.
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