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Re: Postpartum Birth Control?

Originally Posted by ~Cricket~ View Post
I saw some info on them that said you should be refitted after a weight change of 10lb +/-. I wouldn't be back at my pre-pregnant weight by 6 weeks, I don't think.
Was that a problem for you?
It wasn't for me, no.

I have seen the same advice about weight changes, but I remember it being a more significant amount of weight... like 30 lbs? I could be totally wrong, it's been a long time.

Just remember, it should fit in snugly, but not hurt. If it is slip-sliding around, you will probably notice (in my experience/opinion) and it will most likely be uncomfortable for you.

Accdg to this site, you should be refitted after you lose or gain 20% of your body weight. So for a woman weighing 150 lbs, that would be 30 lbs.

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