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Kiwi Pie/GroVia OS Fitteds, NIP, One Yellow Submarine, One Cream Cats and Dogs $25ppd each.

Goodmama The One AIO, Orange, Pink, and Magenta Big Dots print. GUC, worn exterior, super-soft magenta velour interior, no stains. One loose snap that doesn't affect function - I can replace if you don't mind one white snap. $20PPD

Kiwi Pie Bamboo Fitted, Orange/Yellow Stripe Terry. GUC. $15ppd

$25ppd/bothEarth Mama and Baby Bamboo OS Fitteds x2, VGUC, not as soft as new (might respond to eCover):


[COLOR="Silver"] SOLD!
$40ppd NOW $35PPD/all BSRB (Bagshot Row Bamboo) TIAN (Tucked In All Night) Bamboo Fitteds x3, VGUC: I found a very few pinholes on the green and maroon wings:

$25ppd/bothTots Bots Bamboozle Size 2 Fitteds x2, VGUC, not as soft as new (might respond to eCover):

$12ppd Floral Goodmama, GUC, No GM Tag. Outer faded, inner still soft, no stains:

$32ppd Good Fortune Goodmama, New, Never Washed or Worn:

* SOLD$20ppd/all Crickett's Hemp Fitteds, Size 2, GUC, zero to minimal staining but worn for a long time. Some of our favorite diapers, and these soften up nicely with eCover:

ADD-ON to any order FFS: One Loveybums Large blue cotton terry fitted, well-used but still lively.
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