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Re: With your VBAC labor, when did you call your MW/OB?

We went in pretty early. DH was just more comfortable there. I started contracting around 9 on a Saturday night. we went to the hossy to get checked out around 9-10 the next morning. I was only about a 2, but having steady cntx about 5-7 mins apart. they actually stayed 5-7 my whole labor, until transition. Anyhoo, they sent us home after an hour of walking, but the nurse said, i think this is really it, you just need to eat something, and go home. She told DH to bring me back when I had to really work to get through one. I had back labor so it was painful the whole time. We went back to the hossy about 7:30 that night and I was a 4.5 and they checked us in. I labored all night, baby was born at 6:47am Monday morning. 32 hours of labor. This time, I fully intend on waiting it out at home MUCH longer. I was fine at home last time, but our sons birth was extremely traumatic and DH needed to be where he felt was safer. And I was alright with that.
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