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Re: Maybe moving to VT...

Chiming in really late here. I'm new to the forums, and live in a small town in southern Vermont. We moved here from Manhattan and couldn't be happier. We are moving to Lebanon, NH this spring to be closer to my husband's job, but if we could stay in our town forever I think we would.

We love the pace of life here, and we've gotten involved in the local music scene which helps for meeting people and knowing what's going on in town. If you're an outdoorsy person, you'll find lots of opportunity for skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, boating, etc depending on the season. I do my errands and shopping all at once so that I don't have to put too many miles on my car, and do some shopping online when I can't find things locally.

Seconding what AHASRADA said, you will find that some people in town are hesitant about "outsiders" but once you spend some time walking around town with your baby, people will recognize you and get to know you. I leave my house every day because I have a dog and work outside my home. So no matter the weather, the pup and I go out for walks together. I've gotten to know a lot of my neighbors simply because we are on the same schedule. One of them will yell down the street to me to make sure I'll stop by with the dog to talk football, town politics, or whatever else strikes his fancy.

For the most part, Vermonters are good people and look out for each other. We were here during Hurricane Irene and I was totally blown away by how hard people worked to get the state back to normal. In Grafton, a town near us, everyone brought all their farm equipment into the middle of town and worked together to figure out the best way to use it to get the roads open again. Simply amazing.

If you have more questions, or want to talk more about Vermont life, please PM me! I'm not a native, but I adopted Vermont as my own
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