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Re: Chores

DD (Just turned 7)
Make Bed
Put dirty clothes in hamper in the laundry room
Daily self care (brushing teeth,washing face,brushing hair and so on)
Feeding her rabbit
Feeding the dog and pigs with supervision
Set the plates or bowls for breakfast /dinner /lunch
Clearing her space after meals
Cleaning her room
Dusting (only because she thinks its fun)
Folds towels and puts them away
Helps load, unload and put away groceries
Takes the trash out
Taking a shower or bath daily
Putting away clean clothes
Read for 20 min
Puts dishes away after I wash them
Washes tables (classroom or kitchen)

DS (4)
Makes Bed
Puts dirty clothes in hamper
Daily self care with supervision
Cleans own room (every toy has a home and he knows where they go)
Setting the silverware for all meals
Clearing his place at the table when done
Folding rags and putting them away
Putting underwear,socks and Pj's away in dresser as he can't reach to hang things yet
Helps unload and put away groceries
Helps dry dishes
Drys Tables

They do get allowances but it is not tied into chores. They do chores because they are a member of our family and they need to help as well as learn personal responsibility .
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