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Dnf, boden, gap, ON, Osh Kosh, Chez Ami Adding pictures (and shoes :))!

Cute little CROC boots in pink. Perfect for spring! These run about typical sizing I'd say. My DD wore them when she was in a size 7. They are in EUC, just need to be wiped off (which I will do before they go off in the mail). $12ppd

Gap/Old navy lot 2T $12.00ppd
Gap apple shirt. I bought this NWOT and we've never worn it. Old navy skirt in EUC, this has been worn maybe three times. Gap navy tights with red dots, I bought these used, and we've never worn them. They are a bit pilly, but I will take my shaver to them before I send them out. Otherwise in VGUC.

Chez Ami dress and tights 18-24 months $17.00 ppd
Super cute Chez Ami minky dot dress and matching tights. The dress is labeled as a sz 3T but it runs super small, I'd say 18-24 months (this is typical with this brand), and the tights are 12-18 months, and they run just a bit big at about 18-24 months. This has been worn one time. It is in perfect condition.

Gap velour track suit/ yoga suit 2T $12.00 ppd
Green/pink/hot pink striped gap yoga suit in a sz 2T. This is super cute and we always got tons of compliments on it. EUC. The tee is a sz 2T as well and has a small stain up near the neck that I have not tried to get out (it was acquired on the last wear), otherwise in VGUC with perhaps some washwear.

Oilily apron dress size 80 (18-24 months) $15.00ppd
Oilily dress in a sz 80 (runs about 18-24 months I'd say), in EUC. This dress is so stinkin' cute. I love it! It has a little apron that either be tied in the front or the back. This has been worn less than 10 times.

Gap 2t velour yoga suit $12.00 ppd
Brown pink and red gap yoga suit/track suit in a size 2T. We wore it with a red gymboree onesie that is size 18-24 months. No flaws that I see, except perhaps a bit of washwear on the velour.

Gap denim jumper 2T $6.00 ppdSOLD
Super cute little jumper that would be awesome for Valentines day. I bought it used on Ebay, but it is in EUC. We've worn it one time.

Osh Kosh overalls and onesie 24 months $10.00ppd
This is for a pair of Osh Kosh overalls and matching Osh Kosh onesie. I bought these new at an Osh Kosh store this fall, and then my daughter promptly potty trained and refused both onesies and overalls. This has been on her one time for maybe 20 minutes. I believe it has been washed twice (before being worn and after). It is in like new condition.

Gap Old Navy 2T set $12.00ppd
Super cute denim skirt and rugby style shirt with matching tights. I bought the shirt and tights new from Ebay. We've worn the shirt one time, the tights are new. The skirt I bought on Ebay as well, and we've never worn it, it is in EUC.

NWOT Gap jumper 18-24 months and 2T gap tights $10.00 ppdSOLD
Cute little jumper that I mistakenly bought in a 18-24 months. I did take the tags off before I realized it was the wrong size. It has not been worn. Crazy striped tights from the Gap, 2T. These I bought on Ebay. they are a bit pilly, but otherwise in good shape.

DnF 2T Patsy Panda set (OBV hoodie, tee, and Large SS diaper) $30.00 ppd
Very cute set from DnF. OBV hoodie that is in EUC, no flaws that I see. Still super soft, and with Patsy Panda in the hoodie. Tee with coordinating arm material, in VGUC, with just a bit of wash fade. Large SS diaper in VGUC with just a bit of wash fade on the outer. Inner is still super soft, though not silky like new. No stains. Elastic and snaps are all in good working order.

Old Navy Summer bottoms lot 12-18-24 $15.00ppd
Cute little summer bottoms up for grabs. All are ON except for the light denim shorts, which are Target brand. These all fit last summer when DD was wearing a sz 12-18 and 18-24 month sizes, despite the Target shorts being 6-12. All are in VGUC (I don't see any washwear, but they were all worn, so I'm being cautious).

Gap yoga suit 2T with matching tee 3T $10.00 ppd
Somehow I managed to miss photographing the pants . Cute little periwinkle yoga outfit, that is a nice light weight for spring. Matching tee is a 3T but fit at the same time. All are in VGUC, with a bit of washwear.

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