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Re: I don't want to undo what progress we've made, but. . .

I just think you're doing great starting now I think sometimes people miss the window where its the easiest. I also think with their little bladders and no experience holding it if he has a full drink before bed he will have to potty after that pretty soon and will def never make it until morning. What we did was just put our DS on the potty throughout the day he was totally ok with it tho and we could tell when he was gonna poop and put him onthen he started telling us when he had to poop. He was all the way poop trained by 20 most maybe? Then right at 2 we were in disposables bc we didn't have a washer. anyway, we ran out of diapers and decided not to buy anymore and let him be naked (it was spring/summer tho) and pee outside whenever he had to and he didn't have many accidents after that but being at home most the time and asking him or just taking him without asking a lot and not buying anymore diapers. There were times we would be out on a walk and he had to pee in the grass somewhere their bodies have to get used to holding it and strengthen those muscles
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