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Re: The 25lb Challenge January thread

Originally Posted by corinne76 View Post
yeah, I gotta try something. I think I'll add in a little more food this week. I do notice that sometimes I eat more than I think I should on the weekend and still lose and I'm like "what!?" so maybe eating more will be ok.

I went running today with the jogging stroller. First thing, OMG it's harder than jogging alone, especially since this area is pretty hilly. Second, the front wheel needs to be locked or the stroller wibble wobbles and Alex starts going "awwwwww" so he can hear his voice bounce.
I honestly believe that 1200 is too low for almost everybody. I would maybe increase both your activity level (maybe more workouts, or higher intensity with some weight lifting) and your caloric intake. And you definitely need to lock that front wheel! It's much easier to run with if it's static. Not as easy as running alone, mind you, but easier. Good luck!

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