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I am not quite minimalist here, but I have made progress from where I have started. I had a hard time getting rid of useful stuff, so my first step was to match up outfits. Anything that couldn't be matched top to bottom got the boot. As I went along I ditched anything I disliked or was damaged.

I just happened to unpack my oldest son's size 4/4t clothes, and I matched up 15 casual or everyday outfits, and 6 or 7 nicer "church" outfits. I think we also had 6 or 7 sets of pjs. That seems excessive on pjs, but my boys are obsessed with pjs and costumes.

I will say that it is way more clothing than we need. We could go down to half that or less. I don't know that we will though, since all clothes will be handed down to two other boys, and I'm sure some clothes will be damaged before they get to the littles.

We have a ton of underwear, but my 2yo is mid potty training, and just slightly smaller, so it will be covering both boys soon.

All clothes for ds1 and ds2 fit into one dresser (3 small drawers, 2 cabinets), with a soft cubby bin for socks and another for underwear. I hang the church clothes and jackets, but they would likely fit too.
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