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Wow! What a great lotto! I have been contemplating switching from disposable pads/tampons to cloth since I already use cloth with my kiddos. Maybe this will be my chance to try! Enter me please!

I've been cd'ing since my first was born in '09 so we've had quite a few small mishaps- like no inserts in pockets, missing wool covers ending up in the washer, and dirty dipes forgotten in the wetbag... But our biggest diaper fail happened the night we brought our first child home from the hospital. Elated but Exhausted, we got home at 11pm and headed straight for bed. My hubbie, all drunk-in-love with our beautiful baby girl, offered to put her in her jammies... I noticed when she woke up screaming and soaking wet three hours later that he never put a diaper on at all!! Just jammies to bed!!
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