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This may seem totally minor but believe my it gets really hard to handle. You said you deal with SPD, I assume that means your own child has SPD. If so you need to look at what her avoidance/seeking behaviors are and what the avoidance/seeking behaviors of the FC are because I have one child with SPD and ASD and he has sever auditory sensitivities, this was easy to handle when he was an only child and still very manageable with a NT toddler and a baby but when the baby started regressing and developed SPD and ASD symptoms it turned out she is a sensory seeker, she turns everything to full blast and smashes things to hear the noise it makes which of course is like torture for my son. It is VERY difficult for DD to get her sensory needs met without causing a meltdown for DS. Of all the challenges of having two kiddos with ASD that is the hardest i deal with because meeting one child's needs means denying the other ones needs.
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