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Electric vs Manual Pumps

I bf DS but only for a few weeks due to medical issues. I have a manual Medela pump
(the Swing, maybe?) and a Medela Freestyle that I bought from a friend (who I completely trust). She had issues with her original Freestyle and ended up getting a new one under their warranty. The new one is the one I have and it was only used for a couple months. My question is, the Seing pump seems to have a lot more suction. Is this normal/right? Also, I had the auction turned up all the way on the Freestyle. She seemed to think it was fine and it worked well, so I suspect it is fine. She actually had another Freestyle before her original two and it got ruined because of a mistake on her part. Anyway, thought? I'm pg with #2 and wondering if I should get a different one...,

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