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We are a family of 6, 5 eaters. I am currently trying to cut back our grocery/home goods budget. I was $800ish/month and then a rare trip to Costco as its not real convenient. This month I did Costco at the beginning of the month for things like TP, toothpaste, etc. I then meal planned for the month and went to Aldi and Amelia's and got basically everything for the month for $125. We have had a few stops at the store for stuff we've either run out of or I overlooked but still we are at $550 for the month and I don't foresee anything else needed before next month (except garlic toast which I have to get today for garlic toast grilled cheese tomorrow). I've tried the coupon route but just don't have time (4 kiddos including one nb and I work full time) so grocery outlets and bulk shopping seem to be money savers for us
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