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Originally Posted by Kay+Dave

GOOD FOR YOU for feeling this way!! I am one of those protective moms...I don't even leave my son in our church's nursery. For me, my NUMBER ONE priority is protecting my child, no matter who I may offend.

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So, do you ever plan on leaving him? Believe me, I get being protective as I am one, but there is a point of being reasonable. My kids have always gone to the nursery at the gym, b/c work outs are very important for my health. It isn't like I'm leaving them in a dangerous situation. They are well taken care of.

Originally Posted by z2akids
Well, OP's original post did not indicate that this person was a complete stranger. No, I wouldn't drop my 6 year old off at a complete strangers. However, I also would not bring my 4 additional children there. I agree with other posters -- offer to have the playdate at your home and invite the mom to stay for coffee. Or have it at a park or other play place. It sounds like you could really use some additional people in your life given your friend moving away. This is a great opportunity.

However, my daughter is 7. She has several friends from gymnastics. The moms and I usually stick around and chat while the kids are practicing. At this point, I would very likely let my daughter go to a drop off playdate at the homes of the girls she is becoming friends with.
Agree with all.

Originally Posted by Nerissa
Maybe this mom is in the same situation as you and trying to make friends with you and each of your DD being in dance is a good ice breaker.

Personally I would call the mom up and talk to her. Tell her your concerns and see if you can agree to a different location, your house or a park or playground where the kids can play and you two can chat. Explain that for the first get together you are not comfortable leaving your DD. I am sure she will understand especially since she doesnt know you either.
Agree. If you have never met the mom then she must not know you have other children. Just call her and talk to her about it.
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