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Re: Chores

My kids are 6.5, 5, and 3 and they help a lot. Not all of their chores are everyday though. They are in charge of cleaning their rooms, and of cleaning anything they had out in the living room. Any toys in the living room that are not put away when I sweep get swept off to the donation pile. So they're pretty good at keeping them picked up. They also get everyones drinks and silverware at mealtimes and take care of their own dishes. They take out our compost, and sometimes wash the dishes. They fold the towels, napkins, and kleenexes and put their clothes away (3 YO needs help still). They sweep about once a week and wipe the table and counters down about that often. The three year old gets a big kick out of helping me sort laundry and turning on the machines so she does that. They all help load and stack wood. They are also in charge of the chickens--opening and closing the coop and getting/washing eggs.

They don't make their own one makes them here. They do take their sheets off and to the dirties if they get wet or something.
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