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Re: In need of real honest advice from other SN moms!

I can give some feedback from the other side of things. I was 4 yrs old when my parents started fostering newborn-2yr sn babies. I was in JK at this age. I can't imagine how my mom would have handled a sn child with a toddler running around - and I think she's a very impressive lady!

She did have up to 3 small foster babies at a time, but only one major sn at a time (for example, two babies who were FAS and just one with a feeding tube). She also had an 8yr old & 13yr old (my sisters), plus my dad in the evenings/summers to help out.

It was a wonderful, stressful, happy & sometimes sad experience. But I couldn't imagine her doing it in a situation on her own with another small child. (And she's a trained nurse with pediatric & mental health specialies.)

Remember that your small child will grow up and have different needs, too. Some of our foster siblings we had for a weekend while custody was decided, or a parent had a short stay in hospital. Some we had for 4 yrs. That's a big commitment!

Good luck with whatever you decide. I think it's wonderful when people want to open their homes to help others, however & whenever that happens.
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