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Re: Can't Have the Birth I Want

You said you've been covered for 17 days under the new policy?

Sometimes, actually I think most times, there's a 30 day overlap period, where one ins. hasn't run out yet but the other has kicked in already. If that is the case, maybe you could call the old company and tell them you are having coverage issues with the new company, and ask how much it would be to continue your coverage with them, rather than cancelling it?

You could then call the new company and raise the biggest stink ever. Let them know you asked VERY SPECIFICALLY about this before you signed up and you are angrier than a wet cat with tape on its feet, you do not want this company anymore and you want to cancel them. You don't care about any enrollment rules b.c they lied to you to get you to choose their coverage and you would have never signed on with their company had you known they don't cover this.

That is another thought.

I realize OOP ins. is expensive but even if you could just pay for just yourself through the old company, it may wind up cheaper than the MW fee overall. Kwim?
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