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I put a little potty out at about 20mos or so and started reading lots of books. Then I tried pting when she turned 2. I gave up on the 2nd day. She couldnt have cared less and I did nothing but train myself to constantly look at the clock and clean up messes. On the 3rd day I told her what she needed to do and why and then left her alone. At 29mos she decided she wanted to potty and that was that. No watching the clock. No messes. Just one day she wanted to wear big girl panties and use the potty. The end lol

For dd2 I brought the little potty back out around 20mos again. Showed her the potty books and just put them in her room. When she wanted to she had me read them and we'd talk about why and how we go potty. The week before she turned 3 she decided to start using the potty. Again no clock watching or messes.
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