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Re: How important is finishing the school year before the baby comes?

I think it may be better to get what you can done and then plan for a month off after the baby comes.

We just started HSing this year, too. Actually, we just started officially doing it in December (prior to that we were using public school online - which was very rigid). I am HSing a 4 yr old and my 6 yr old (she turns 6 in 5 days). We actually are just getting over a month-long, unplanned break due to our kitchen/house issues. (rmbr my kitchen thread? lol) We just started the new curriculum we had picked out (planning to start using it in Dec), on January 14th. So far it's going very well, but I feel awful about taking such a long break for no good reason.

I think if I could have somehow saw what was coming and planned to take such an extended period off, it would have helped. I could have trimmed down lots of lessons, come up with ways to do them without the use of our main living space, though outside of the box for some things, or totally nixed others....

so that is where my advice comes from. I think if you can plan to take the time off, you should. Maybe keep up with some small things - like reading together each day, coloring together each day, do some simple math with skittles... or something small, everyday. Just keep a record of it. But you will be prepared for it, so it shouldn't be as big a deal - esp at such a young age.

(btw, I'm also getting ready to have a baby in about 6 weeks, so I am overwhelmed trying to think of how we will finish all of our schoolwork by the end of the year this year, when we have already taken so much time off, and are planning to take more!!!)
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