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Originally Posted by ajane

So, do you ever plan on leaving him? Believe me, I get being protective as I am one, but there is a point of being reasonable. My kids have always gone to the nursery at the gym, b/c work outs are very important for my health. It isn't like I'm leaving them in a dangerous situation. They are well taken care of.

Agree with all.

Agree. If you have never met the mom then she must not know you have other children. Just call her and talk to her about it.
No, I will probably never leave my son in the church nursery...nor will I take him to a daycare. Just my personal decision as a parent. It isn't an issue about what may or may not be reasonable; it's an issue about not trusting strangers with my son. Noone will have the same, albeit slightly irrational, protectiveness that I have over my child. A member of my own family was abused in a church. There are predators everywhere, and all it would take was one moment and one person. I also work out and maintain a healthy lifestyle, but not at the risk of leaving my son somewhere without me. He's usually right beside me in the jogging stroller!

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