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Re: Anyone have a child with congenital heart disease?

Yes, but we are lucky ds's heart isn't bad enough to need surgery. VSD closed on it's own. ASD shrunk to 1mm with no signs of congestive heart failure. His heart is twisted out of place. This abnormality doesn't affect function but does cause problems during testing. He also has a mild form of 2nd degree heart block. Once again we are fortunate he doesn't need drugs or a pacemaker to maintain sufficient heart function. Basically to sum it up a good portion of his heart is abnormal but functions quite well.

So sorry your little one had to go through open heart surgery. Surgery with little ones is no fun my son's first was double abdominal surgery at 28 days old and we are currently gearing up for another in the next few weeks. DS has two genetic syndromes so he has a lot of stuff going on.
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