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Sometimes being the mean mommy is so hard

So my 2.5 year old has been horrible with going to bed lately. She will say she has to pee,poop, get this, get that, tell me just a second. So I set the timer tonight and told her she had five minutes until bed so we needed to go potty and give kisses. She went pee (went poop.earlier) she gave kisses and brushed her.teeth. when the timer went off I told her we needed to get jammies on for bed. She quickly ran to the potty and said she had to pee, and then poop. So I set the timer for 2 min and told her if she did not.come by the timer she couldn't have one of the three of her books. Timer went off I said we had to bed ..she said she go poop (again I know she.doesn't she's very regular) I said ok you havr lost oink oink to read but still have.two more so lets go so we can read. Nope..set the timer again. Again told her I needed her to come get jammies on. Again she said no. Again took book. Again went through the positive that she still had one book. Again set timer again timer.goes off. Just as I am putting book away she comes running "no mommy no book away. timer still ringing. I here read"

If course now that we have read she is in her room crying to read her other books. I did tell her we could read them tomorrow if she made better choices.

I get she doesn't totally get it but im really tired of her making bedtime an hour long power struggle.
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